The Ultimate Timelapse Course Pre-Sale is live

If you've ever wanted to learn everything there is to know about planning, shooting, and editing world-class timelapses then I've got a great deal for you. With 56 out of 75 videos already live, you can now purchase lifetime access to The Ultimate Timelapse Course. Save $50 on your purchase today...

Making another solargraph with the SolarCan

The title speaks for itself, another fun video about long exposure pinhole photography! I use the SolarCan (affiliate link) to create an extremely long exposure solargraph that shows the movement of the sun over the seasons. Want to learn more about timelapse photography or about how to set up your own...

How to timelapse with Samsung

In this video you'll learn how to timelapse with a Samsung phone. Now I’m using the S21 Ultra, which has some nice features but the principles of what I’m about to explain all remain the same on other recent Samsung phones as well. In a future video I’ll talk about other...

We got engaged and flew to Malta!

What more is there to say 🙂

Five passive income streams you need

I'm very excited to share the first of many videos on my new YouTube channel! The business channel for creatives will teach you everything I know about running a business as a creative, including how to set up your own passive income system. This is all based on my book Passive...

How I became a professional timelapse photographer

In this video I tell you the story of how I became a professional timelapse photographer. Long story short: it's not about what you do, it's about who you know. (and obviously you also need to be good at what you do) Want to learn more about timelapse photography or how...

A cinematic Amalfi travel film

We went to Amalfi last year and I only just now put some of the footage together. I hope you like it! If you want to learn more about timelapse photography or how to make your own passive income, check out my e-books.

Best free timelapse software 2021

I get asked the question all the time: What is the best free timelapse software? Instead of typing out a reply for every one of those questions, I can now finally just direct people to this video. Keep in mind, that free stuff usually comes at a cost. And free...

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