igtv creator rant

My thoughts on IGTV as a creator

IGTV, Instagram TV, Instagram TeleVision. Let's see what the positives and negatives of this new social media platform are from the point of view of a content creator.
Long exposure photography on phone

Long exposure photography on any camera

In this tutorial I am going to teach long exposure photos on any camera. Yes, even your phone! All you need for long exposure photography is a Manual control mode for your camera or phone and a tripod. The manual control mode will allow you to dial in the correct settings, while the tripod will allow you to keep your camera still during the exposure to prevent motiom blur.

Timelapse data management and editing workflow

In this article I describe my timelapse data management system as well as my timelapse workflow from beginning to end. If you haven't seen the...

Noosa two day timelapse production

Here's another timelapse production vlog featuring timelapse, hyperlapse, drone shots, slow motion footage, normal speed video, food, wine, Nicolas Rakotopare and much more! Find out how we produced an entire destination edit in 48 hours. This one's all about the Noosa Food and Wine festival 2018.

Matthew Vandeputte


I am a timelapse photographer and youtuber based in Sydney, Australia. This website is all about timelapse, travel and teaching.

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