Reviewing ten days of timelapse footage

Last Friday we did another live stream. This time we reviewed ten days worth of gopro timelapse footage.

How to fake long exposures with a timelapse

Here's a quick tutorial I made about how to fake long exposures with a timelapse. Using the free app StarStax you can generate a fake long exposure timelapse shot in seconds. Want to learn more about timelapse or creating a passive income system as a creative? Check out my e-books below!

Making a moon composite from a timelapse

The internet is filled with horrible moon composites. Today I am teaching you how to make a non horrible moon composite from a timelapse! Click play or keep reading. So first of all you need a timelapse sequence of the moon going down. I shot mine on a Canon 6DMkII and a...

Create a time slice photo with Time Stitch

While doing research for upcoming tutorials and software videos about timelapse I found a little app on the Apple App store called Time Stitch. It is free to download (link below) and is incredibly simple to use. Watch the video to see exactly how simple it is. If you're on a...

Relaxing sunset timelapse footage

This is my very first time making a relaxing sunset timelapse compilation. I have terabytes of content from about 10 years of travel to go through if this takes off, which is a very exciting prospect. Want to learn more about timelapse photography? Check out my e-books:

How to remove birds in a timelapse

Timelapse photography, the ultimate cinematic experience. Through the looking glass of warped time we get to see the world from a different perspective. There’s nothing like watching a beautifully smooth high resolution shot of a city skyline with stunning cloud formations and weather system movements. Until it gets RUINED. BY BIRDS. These flappy little...

LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3 timelapse remote

The LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3 is the latest and greatest timelapse remote to hit the market. In this video I will be talking about the features, how it’s different from the previous 2.5 model and how it can make your timelapses better. Disclaimer: I was sent this remote for free in...

Installing the Solar Can solargraphy camera

The Solar Can is a solargraphy camera. Yes, I also did not know what that word meant until a while ago. Pretty much, it captures the movement of the sun across the sky throughout the year. I've just installed mine and plan to expose it for 6 months, watch the...

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