A ten year timelapse of our sun by NASA

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory - aka SDO - has been looping around earth and watching the sun non-stop for over a full decade. Over the last ten years SDO has gathered 425 million high res images of the sun, resulting in 20 million gigabytes...

Timelapse Mission: Waterloo Bridge sunset

In this timelapse mission I shoot a couple of day to night timelapse shots from Waterloo Bridge in London.


GoPro Labs is an experimental mode from the GoPro developers. You have to install custom firmware on a GoPro Hero 8 and point it at a QR code to activate these new modes. Keep reading to find all the links you need.

Mounting Canon lens on the Lumix S1 with the Sigma MC-21

The Sigma MC-21 is a mount converter which allows you to use Canon EF lenses on the Lumix S1 and other L-mount cameras. You can buy the Sigma MC-21 from this affiliate link here (BEWARE! Make sure to buy the correct EF to L...

Timelapse editing competition WINNERS

A few weeks ago I launched my very first timelapse editing competition. Today I'm excited to announce the winners. In case you missed the competition: I gave anyone who entered 35 of my favourite London timelapse and hyperlapse clips to edit to a track...

Matjoez x Lickd timelapse editing competition

This is my very first timelapse editing competition. You can download 35 of my best London timelapse and hyperlapse clips!
Cover for The best timelapse camera

The best timelapse camera

What is the best timelapse camera? Watch the video and find out!

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