Rooftopping in Brussels – Urbex adventure in Belgium


Rooftopping in Brussels, is that something you'd be interested in, Matt? Why yes, yes I would be interested in that!
Thanks for the invite Ruben, Jasper and Charles, this was an epic little adventure featuring some of the best cityscape views in Belgium.

You can check out the guys in the video on Instagram here:

On this little trip I decided to bring just one camera. Last time I went rooftopping with Alban I brought two, it slowed me down and I decided to only bring one camera next time. Unfortunately I severely underestimated how amazing this spot was going to be. All footage was shot on a Canon 1DXMkII both at 25fps for the vlogs and 100fps for the slow motion cinematics. My favourite shots are the airport where you can see the planes going up and down and the slow motion shot of the front of Alban's lens with the reflections. I wish I had brought a longer lens (haven't even used the 70-200 f4 I brought to Belgium) to get a closer shot of the planes and their trails. I'll have to reshoot a similar shot in Sydney I think 🙂

I sure hope you enjoy this little extra bit of info. I'm trying to use the blog on my website a little bit more. Thanks for watching and reading!

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