Tourism Dubai – Instagram and Youtube campaign

Tourism Dubai – Instagram and Youtube campaign

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Client: Tourism Dubai
Date: October 2015
Deliverables: Instagram and Youtube content promoting Tourism Dubai to Australia and New Zealand

In October 2015 I was part of a group of instagrammers from Australia and New Zealand who got flown to Dubai to promote tourism in the region. I created a timelapse video as well as a series of images and videos on instagram (click here to see them) and a series of video blogs.

The video content on Youtube resulted in 173000 ‘minutes watched’ (more than 120 days).

Here’s the gear I used:
Cameras: Canon 5DSR, 5DMkIII x 2
Lenses: Canon 11-24, 24, 16-35, 24-70, 70-200

Here are some project stats:
I shot 28233 RAW photos which resulted in 1160 gigabytes of data. In total I recorded 56 timelapse sequences and 1168 video sequences.

I documented the entire trip in these video blogs.

Here are some behind the scenes shots and extra photos.

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Matthew Vandeputte

Matthew Vandeputte also known as @matjoez is a timelapse photographer and youtuber based in Sydney, Australia.