DJI Mavic Air review


DJI invited me to the DJI Mavic Air launch event in Sydney, Australia. They gave us early access to their new foldable drone and gave a fantastic presentation about all the new functionalities.

I'm excited to share my initial thoughts on this brand new little drone!

Here's what I like about the DJI Mavic Air:

  • It is incredibly small. When folded up it is smaller than the DJI Spark.
  • The camera is supposed to be better than the DJI Mavic.
  • The controller knobs on the remote are detachable, which makes it even smaller to store.
  • Internal memory of 8GB for when you forget your SD card.
  • Finally a USB C connection on the drone!
  • You can shoot DNG photos, allowing for better and more flexible post production.
  • 360 panorama mode, where the drone automatically shoots a full sphere of photos and stitches them.
  • New smart modes like Asteroid and Boomerang for hands free operations.

Here's what I don't like about the DJI Mavic Air:

  • The flight time is limited to 21 minutes.
  • The remote lacks an LCD screen.
  • The price is higher than I expected it to be. It's about the same as the Mavic Pro upon launch.
  • It's not the Mavic Pro 2 we were all hoping for!

My final thoughts:

Will I get one? Yes! Why? Because I'd rather have a drone with me than no drone at all. I very rarely bring my DJI Phantom 4 Pro with me due to it's size and weight. The new DJI Mavic Air will always have a spot available in any (camera) bag because it is so incredibly small.

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Thanks for reading!

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