Day to night Photoshop tutorial

Day to night fade photoshop tutorial

Day to night Photoshop tutorial

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If you’ve ever wondered how to do a day to night Photoshop then this tutorial is for you! You can watch the video or read the step by step guide here. I go over gear you need, what you need to capture and the workflow in photoshop to get the desired day to night endresult.

What you need to create the day to night fade:



What you need to edit:

  • Adobe Photoshop. I recommend getting the ‘photography pack‘ which is a subscription that bundles Photoshop and Lightroom for a very reasonable fee per month.

Day to night fade photoshop tutorial:

  • Open Adobe Photoshop and hit file > open
  • Select the two images you have selected for this job
  • Copy (Cmnd+C or Ctrl+C) one of the images
  • Go to the other window and Paste (Cmnd+V or Ctrl+V) the previous photo over the other one
  • Select the top layer and hit ‘Add layer mask’
  • Select the Gradient tool (G or Shift+G to cycle through the tools)
  • Drag the gradient tool over the image as the mask is selected
  • Fine tune the mask that you’re creating with the brush tool to bring out other elements
  • You can switch between black and white on the mask by pressing X

A couple of thoughts on the day to night Photoshop tutorial:

  • It is crucial that you take the exact same composition for both photos. Even a minor shift or movement will be visible in the end result.
  • Make sure to use the brush on the layer mask. Zoom in on the photo and work with a smaller brush size to fill in buildings and details.


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Matthew Vandeputte

Matthew Vandeputte also known as @matjoez is a timelapse photographer and youtuber based in Sydney, Australia.