Australia’s Golden Outback

Take a cinematic journey through Australia's Golden Outback. One of the world's most remote gold mining regions.

Australia's Golden Outback
Australia's Golden Outback

A six hour drive inland from Perth, the most isolated city in the world, lies a landscape that is unlike anything in the world.

Welcome to Australia's Golden Outback.

In December 2018 I was commissioned to create a number of tourism videos for this region bursting with gold mining history in Western Australia.

On the side of that project I decided to create a cinematic experience of our travels.

Pictured in this travel film you will find scenes from Kalgoorlie, Lake Ballard and Kookynie.

Gear I used for this production:

Software I used for this production:

The music I used came from Epidemic Sound. The track title is Hushed – Against a paler sun. You can sign up for one month of completely free Sound Effects and Music tracks to use for your own youtube channel. If you click that link and register you support me directly.

If you support me on Patreon you get exclusive access to behind the scenes, Q&A threads, digital wallpapers, early access to content, a timelapse cheat sheet and much more.

Below are some photographs from the trip. I am considering opening up a print shop. Please let me know in the comments if you'd like that.

Want to learn how to timelapse? Check out my new e-books about timelapse and astro photography!

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Abhishek Pithwa
5 years ago

yes.a print store would be a lovely start up indeed.seeing your own work large and printed has its own realm.