Must have timelapse software LRTimelapse explained

LRTimelapse timelapse software explained

I don't know a single serious timelapse photographer who doesn't own a copy of the timelapse software LRTimelapse.

It is an absolute MUST HAVE if you want to process timelapse footage.

Get your copy of LRTimelapse here.
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The software works alongside Adobe Lightroom to colour grade your photos, gradually change certain settings, deflicker your footage and render out a beautiful timelapse video file.

Check out this video I made to see some examples.

What is LRTimelapse

LRTimelapse is a specially made timelapse software by Gunther Wegner.

Its goal is to help you make holy grail timelapses (a timelapse where the light changes, for example at sunrise or sunset) and render high quality video files.

Why does LRTimelapse exist

To shoot a holy grail timelapse you need to adjust your camera's exposure settings while you're shooting. This can be very tricky (hence the name holy grail) and results in exposure bumps when reviewing your footage.

Here's an example of said exposure bumps:

Learn how to shoot and edit a holy grail timelapse here.

LRTimelapse was designed to remove these exposure bumps and to gradually change the white balance and other settings of your sequence.

It can also remove flickering from your timelapse sequence, one of the most common mistakes in timelapse photography.

What does LRTimelapse do

LRTimelapse does more than editing holy grail timelapse sequences. Here are some more of its powerful features:

Keyframe and animate settings. LRTimelapse allows you to gradually change certain settings over time. Want to change your start and end white balance? Just set a keyframe at the start and end of your sequence. Same goes for your exposure, contrast, cropping, gradient filters and much more.

Deflickering. Have a sequence with annoying flickering? This flickering can be caused by a non accurate aperture mechanism, or because you accidentally shot on auto iso. LRTimelapse deflickering is a one click process and is incredibly powerful. I've saved sequences from the bin on multiple occasions.

Video rendering. LRTimelapse works alongside Lightroom to render out high quality videos in up to 8K resolution and in MP4/H.264, ProRes (even on Windows), H.265 and MJPEG codecs.

You can download and try LRTimelapse for free for sequences up to 400 photos long.

If you want to edit longer sequences or if you want to use LRTimelapse for commercial usage you will need the Private or Pro license.

Get your copy of LRTimelapse here.

Want to learn how to timelapse like a pro? Check out these e-books I wrote.

Get all the best tools and techniques to become a great timelapse photographer.

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