I love the Boosted Rev

The Boosted Rev is a 1500 Watt all wheel powered electric pocket rocket.

Boosted Rev review

UPDATE 15/04/2020: My Boosted Rev's battery has died and the company has gone under. If you are thinking of buying this product: don't. Read more here: https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/14/21175343/boosted-board-sale-crowdsource-reddit-repairs-fix-manual

The Boosted Rev is San Francisco based Boosted Boards' newest transportation device.

It is a dual wheel powered e-scooter with a ton of features.

Watch the video below to find out why I love it so much, or scroll down to keep reading.

Buy the Boosted Rev here.

I’ve been on scooters for the majority of my life, if you’ve been following me on instagram and snapchat for the last few years you would have seen me cruise around on old school, leg powered razor scooters.

Amelia went to a Halloween party once, dressed up as me, including a scooter.

If you knew me back when I was a kid you would have seen and heard me terrorise my neighbourhood on my 22.5cc two stroke Go-Ped. A present I got from my parents for my first communion, which also explains the weird looking white robe.

I’ve ridden all kinds of e-scooters all over the world, it is by far my favourite mode of transport.

The reason I’m sharing this information with you is to let you know that I know what I’m talking about.

Lets get to the point: The Boosted Rev is the best electric scooter I’ve ever ridden.

Let’s quickly go over the specs, after which I’ll talk about my own experience.

Boosted Rev portrait of me by https://www.instagram.com/ajimmyslife/
Boosted Rev portrait of me by https://www.instagram.com/ajimmyslife/

Boosted Rev specifications

  • It has a 22 mile or 35 kilometre range.
  • It handles inclines up to 25% with ease.
  • Both wheels are powered, with a combined 1500 watts on the wheels.
  • The top speed is 24 miles or 38 kilometres per hour.
  • It’s got regenerative braking, which recharges your battery when you brake, just like in Formula 1.
  • It is intuitive to use.
  • The Boosted Rev has a foldable steering column.
  • At the top of that you will find an intuitive display.
  • The Rev is weatherproof
  • It features wide tires and a headlight, rear light and brake light for increased safety.
  • It comes with a smartphone app to track your rides and give you info about your Boosted device.

I’ve been riding around on it for the past few weeks now and anytime I am on a bus, train, tram or on foot I feel this uneasy feeling of wanting to be on my scooter instead.

Now let's talk about why I love the Boosted Rev so much.

Boosted Rev portrait of me by https://www.instagram.com/ajimmyslife/
Boosted Rev portrait of me by https://www.instagram.com/ajimmyslife/

It feels super safe. 

The high powered motors mean you accelerate at the same pace as motorbikes and cars. 

The sturdiness of the frame and the low point of gravity makes the scooter feel like you’re driving around on a little tank.

People have often asked me why I don’t get a boosted board, the answer has always been the same, I feel safer on a scooter. If I’m lugging around a 20 kilo backpack full of timelapse gear, I want that third point of contact.

The big wheels make potholes and debris on the road much less of an issue.

The bright light at the front and the brake light at the back make me feel safe even when riding at night.

I legitimately feel much safer on this than on a bicycle.

It is super intuitive to operate.

The thumb wheel and corresponding acceleration and deceleration curves as well as the different driving modes make this scooter super easy and intuitive to use.

It is a ton of fun.

The fast acceleration and super steady handling on all surfaces make this my favourite way to get around the city.

All that being said, I feel like there is some room for improvement, here’s how I would change the Rev.

Boosted Rev portrait of me by https://www.instagram.com/ajimmyslife/
Boosted Rev portrait of me by https://www.instagram.com/ajimmyslife/

What I would change about the Boosted Rev

I would make the Rev lighter. At 21 kilograms or 46 pounds, this scooter is not lightweight. Yes, you can carry it around but it is a challenge, which is why I recommend wheeling it around like I show in the video.

I'd like to see the price drop a bit. At $1599 this is one of the more expensive scooters you can buy. That being said, a Tesla is more expensive than a Prius for a reason!

I would add a lock or alarm. I bought this Abus 6000 lock which is great. It wraps around the steering column and does not move around.

I find the charger flap at the front hard to close properly. This should be improved as water might seep in when driving in rainy conditions.


It is safe to say: I love the Boosted Rev. Yes, it is expensive and heavy but boy oh boy is it a lot of fun!

Get your own Boosted Rev here.

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