My London Youtube studio tour

Have a look at the film equipment I use to record my youtube tutorials.

London Youtube Studio tour
London Youtube Studio tour

Welcome to my latest Youtube studio tour!

This is the gear I use in our new place in London.

We don't have a lot of room and I didn't bring a ton of my filming equipment from Australia so I had to start fresh, take a minimalist approach (lol) and this is what I ended up with.

Most of the links below are affiliate links. If you buy anything through them I might make a few dollars, thanks!

The camera I use mostly for filming is the Canon 1DXMkII. I love the autofocus and facial tracking on this DSLR!

The lens I use for these Youtube filming sessions is the Canon 24-70 f4. Remember to turn off Image Stabilisation when you're shooting on a tripod!

I'm using Rode's RodeLink Filmmaker kit for a wireless microphone setup. I prefer this over a boom mic because it is less of a hassle to set up, even though the sound quality might not be as good.

This is mounted on a Manfrotto carbon fibre video tripod and ballhead (this ballhead) with an extra quick release.

I'm using the Manfrotto super clamp to mount a small magic arm and a Joby phone clamp to mount my phone just outside of the camera's field of view.

The phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+) which functions as a monitor is running DSLR Controller, an app that allows you to see what you're shooting and it also controls your camera's settings.

Right in front of me I've got my trusty 15 inch MacBook Pro which has my video script loaded. Next to that is a glass of water because I get thirsty when filming. On Friday's this water turns into beer.

Let's talk about lighting! To my front left I have an aluminium tripod with an Aputure LS120D light mounted on top of it. This light is great value for money, it also allows you to control the brightness using a wireless remote. On the front of the light I have the mini light dome with the standard diffuser as well as the grid mounted.

To my right side I have the FalconEyes SO28 TD LED panel. This light is multicoloured and goes way up there in brightness. You can power it using Sony style batteries or plug it in the wall. I really like this light.

Behind me I'm using a small Aputure AL-M9 LED panel. This is just to give the wall behind me a bit of light or colour and gives the image a bit more depth.

And that's about it, I hope you found this insightful or useful!

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