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Once upon a time I went viral on YouTube and missed out on thousands of dollars worth of ad revenue.

This happened because I used music to which I didn't own the rights to. This made me a sad Matt.

Never again, I said, and now here I am working with

Lickd is a brand new digital platform that allows content creators to legally use the music that they love.

Check out this video for the full story about my virality and how you can get a free track for your own channel.

LICKD offers commercial music from massive labels for licensing to youtube videos without the fear of a creator losing their entire ad revenue to a copyright claim.

LICKD does not have a subscription payment model, you pay per track according to the average viewership of your last few videos to make sure it's a fair representation of your youtube channel. For my last few videos – with an average of 5000 ish views – my payment came in at $8 per track.

This system makes it a fair sliding scale for both youtubers and musicians.

A major card that LICKD has its unique, proprietary software called Vouch. Vouch is actually integrated in the youtube backend. This system ensures that if you license a song from LICKD you will NOT get flagged or get a claim on your content and you’ll still be generating ad revenue. 

LICKD has an intelligent browsing mode which adapts its suggested tunes to your profile.It also has playlists based on movies, genres, moods etc etc

The filter system allows you to order music based on how popular a track is on youtube, or Spotify, it can show you which music is most licensed and which music just got added to the site.

I’ve been working with LICKD to increase awareness around their platform and product because I personally believe that they are the future of commercial music licensing for content creators.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can try it yourself: 

As part of this campaign, LICKD is giving the first 30 people to sign up one completely free commercial track to use for your own channel. Try it out here:

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