How to make the perfect boomerang

Create the perfect looping boomerang and get lots of likes and views on instagram and tiktok.


I've been asked a bunch of times how I get my boomerang videos to look so smooth.

They key is in how you manipulate the playback speed. Let me show you how!

In this tutorial you will learn how to make the perfect boomerang.

What you need:

Creating the boomerang in Adobe After Effects

  • Open After Effects and import your video file
  • Create a new composition with your desired resolution and framerate
  • Right click on the footage in the composition and select Time > Enable time remapping
  • Drag the right keyframe (looks like a diamond) to the 1 second mark
  • Select both keyframes, right click and select Keyframe assistant > Easy ease
  • This will transform the playback speed from linear to non linear
  • You can open the graph editor to play around with the keyframes and how fast the speed changes but the standard settings should work fine
  • Duplicate the layer
  • Select the new layer and Right click > Time > Time reverse layer
  • Drag it to the end of the first layer and make sure there's a one frame overlap
  • Duplicate both layers and drag the two new layers to the end
  • Hit Control + 0 to preview your new boomerang
  • Go to the last frame and hit N on your keyboard to set an outpoint for your composition
  • Export the composition using your desired codec.
  • Upload to instagram and tiktok and get a disappointing amount of likes, comments and views.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was useful!

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