Matjoez x Lickd timelapse editing competition

Download my footage and create a killer edit to win some fun prizes!


I've teamed up with my favourite commercial music licensing website Lickd for my very first timelapse editing competition.

As a lot of people are locked indoors with no option to create any new timelapses I figured it would be a fun idea to let people edit my own timelapse footage! I've selected a great track for you to edit to and there are some fun prizes involved. Keep on reading to find out how to enter.

Watch the video if you haven't already to check out all the timelapse and hyperlapse footage you'll be editing with.

Here's what you need to do to enter the competition:

  • Download my London timelapse footage from this link here.
  • Download the track Lung – Sky People from for free here. Note that this is not the same track that I've used in the above video. The one you'll be editing to is much more upbeat and electronic.
  • Read and agree to the competition terms and conditions here.
  • Edit a (30 second minimum) video using only the provided footage and upload the edit to your own youtube channel. Your video has to be set to Public visibility to qualify.
  • Submit your entry before the deadline on June 4th using the form here.
  • Winners will be announced one week later.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to follow the Lickd instructions regarding the license of the track. It's easy to follow and is all explained on their website. In short: you have to copy and paste the license text that comes with the track into your video description while you're uploading so that your content doesn't get a content ID claim.



I am looking forward to seeing your creative take using all of my footage. Remember to use only the provided clips to keep the competition fair.

Just in case you don't yet know what Lickd is: is a commercial music licensing website for creators. You can license commercial music that you know from famous artists and big labels for your social media channels without having to worry about copyright claims or lost ad revenue. Download your first track for free, and get 50% off your second one through this link here.

Watch this video I made about Lickd (or read my blog post) and find out why I love them so much.

I am very much looking forward to all the entries!


  1. Hey Matthew, can I use some video and sound effects like photo frames and their sounds or sky, rotating, masking, etc transitions?

  2. Hi Matthew, they are breathtaking time lapse clips – I am keen to have a go at editing them! How did you get one of the towers of tower bridge to enlarge as you were moving away from the mayor office? Great effect!

  3. Hey Matthew! I’m sorry for second question! Can I use sound effects footages to sound-design video?

  4. Ohh mann, I missed out uploading in time 🙁 Bugger think I stuffed up my conversion to Australian time.

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