Timelapse editing competition WINNERS


A few weeks ago I launched my very first timelapse editing competition. Today I'm excited to announce the winners.

In case you missed the competition: I gave anyone who entered 35 of my favourite London timelapse and hyperlapse clips to edit to a track I chose from Lickd.co

Lickd is a commercial music licensing website. They are changing the video and music industry by allowing creators to license well known music for their online content. I've talked about them quite a lot, as I 100% believe in their mission and feel like every single video or content creator should get on board.

Anyways, here's the video I made to announce the winners! I've listed the two winning videos below that and I've shared some other videos that didn't make the cut below that.

We had over 40 submissions to the competition, which was an absolute delight. After a few hours of reviewing all the entries and comparing notes, we came to the following winners.

Congratulations to second place winner Thony Kamargo! Your creative visual effects really stood out. I always respect out of the box thinking and it worked really well on these clips. I'm excited to try some of these in my own future edits.

And then finally, a massive congratulations to Jonas Hoffman for taking the first place with your edit full of gorgeous and creative transitions! A well polished video with attention to detail.

I'll be in touch with you both regarding the prizes!

Here are some other entries that I really liked, in no particular order:

Let me know in the comments if we should do more of these competitions. I really enjoyed seeing so many people's different approaches.

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