Timelapse Mission: Waterloo Bridge sunset

Welcome to Timelapse Missions, a new series of content on my channels. In this first episode, I briefly take you behind the scenes of a Waterloo Bridge sunset timelapse shoot. Expect more gear and settings chat in future videos.


I have started a new series of videos called Timelapse Missions.

Often times I go out shooting and I end up with some nice timelapse clips. These clips are good enough to share on social media, but aren't long enough to warrant their own video.

I've decided to start sharing these kinds of clips in a new series called Timelapse Missions, where I share some of the location and the behind the scenes of the shoot. Expect more gear and camera settings talk in future videos.

In this video I capture two day to night timelapse sequences from London's Waterloo bridge. The view from the skyline from here is magnificent, and if you can brace the wind you'll walk away with some stunning footage.

Note the movement of the tide on the river!

The long shot focusing on the ‘walkie talkie' or ‘razor' building was shot on the Panasonic S1 using the Sigma MC-21 lens adapter and the Canon 70-200 f2.8 lens. I made a video about that setup that you can watch below.

The wide angle shot was shot on a Canon 6DMkII in Av mode, edited in LRTimelapse. LRTimelapse is a very powerful piece of software that helps you edit timelapse footage. Check out my video about LRTimelapse here:

If you'd like to learn more about timelapse photography, check out my e-books. They teach you all you need to know about timelapse planning, shooting and processing.

Get all the best tools and techniques to become a great timelapse photographer.

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