A four day roadtrip in Scotland

Revisiting our four day roadtrip in Scotland from just over a year ago.


In May 2019 my girlfriend Amelia and I drove around Scotland for four days.

I usually make pretty standard travel vlogs, however I didn't feel like doing that on this trip.

Instead I opted for an (at the time) new style of vlogging (for me), the cinematic travel vlog!

Less of my face, more of the scene, more titles on screen.

This video was mostly shot on a Canon 1DXMkII (for the slow motion video) and two 6DMkII (for the timelapses). The rest of the gear is probably listed on my gear page.

I really hope we get to (safely) revisit Scotland at some near point in the future. We've been isolating in our small one bedroom flat in London for the last four months and we're slooooooowly getting bored..

In an effort to write more blogs and create more content during a pandemic, you'll see me recycling and reposting some older stuff here and there. I've got about 7 years of travels sitting on a bunch of hard drives, a lot of that footage has never seen the light of day, and I'm excited to revisit some almost forgotten trips!

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