Timelapse camera filters

Do you need camera filters to make great timelapse sequences? Well, photography is art, which is subjective, so it's up to you. But here's what I use!


Camera filters are often used in landscape and travel photography to enhance the scenes in front of the camera.

I get asked every now and then if I use them for my timelapses too.

The answer is yes. This video and article talks about which timelapse camera filters I use to create better timelapse shots.

I mainly use ND aka Neutral Density and CPL or Circular Polariser filters.

Neutral Density filters are used to extend your shutter speed. I often carry a 5 and 10 stop ND filter with me of the screw in style. Square (100mm x 100mm) filters look great for behind the scenes gear shots but they are bulky to travel with, and I don't like that.

Circular Polariser filters are used to cut through haze, remove reflections and enhance the sky. They work especially well with fluffy clouds and can really make your image POP.

Over the years I have used many different brands but I really like the ones that were sent to my by PolarPro. Mostly because they make a filter that is both an ND and CPL in one! This is the model I use, the ND64/PL:

If you buy it make sure to get the right size. Get it from Amazon here or from B&H here (affiliate links).

Besides the screw in filter I also have the PolarPro Summit system, which is the more advanced square filter system, which also features a polarising filter.

PolarPro Summit filter mounting system

Get the PolarPro Summit filter system from B&H here (affiliate links).

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