Non chemtrail airplane trails for timelapse


Chemtrails aren't real, don't @ me.

In this timelapse tutorial video I teach you how to create airplane trails using the Echo effect in Adobe After Effects. Click play or keep reading!

Import your footage (either as an image sequence or as an already rendered video) into After Effects and create a composition.

In the Effects tab, look for the Echo effect and apply it to your sequence by dragging it onto it.

The settings for all the parameters will depend on how you shot it and what frame rates you are using but generally, if you are working in a 25 fps environment then set your timing to -.04 and if you're in a 30 fps situation then set it to -.033 (this is what it's set to when you drag the effect onto the clip so you don't actually need to change anything).

Then add the total number of echoes, which would be your total number of frames. I have 12 seconds of 25fps footage, so 12 times 25 = 300.

You can play with the other values as well however I recommend just watching the video to understand what they do because this is the fifth article I've written today and I'm running out of gin and tonic and need a refill so just hit play and give me that extra view thanks.

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