Different types of timelapse shots

Timelapse photography has been around for decades. Over time this niche genre of photography has expanded in more ways than you can imagine. This video shows you 8 different types of timelapse shots


There might be many more styles of timelapse than you think!

In this video I talk about 8 different types of timelapse shots.

Here are the 8 different types of timelapse that I list in the video. Can you think of more? Let me know!

  • Basic timelapse shot. Fixed settings, fixed camera, nothing special, still great. Learn everything you need to learn about the basics of timelapse photography from my free e-book The Basics Of Timelapse.
  • Holy grail timelapse. Where you adjust your settings as the light changes. Difficult to do if you don't know what you're doing. Check out my holy grail tutorial here.
  • Astro timelapse. Same as a basic timelapse with the fixed settings and all that but you just need to shoot it at night in a dark place. Check out my guide to milky way season and astro photography here.
  • Hyperlapse. The timelapse that changed my life! It's like a flight through time and space. I've made many tutorials about hyperlapse photography, check them out in this playlist here.
  • Aerial hyperlapse. Shot from a plane, heli or drone!
  • Plant timelapse. You need a dedicated camera to commit to a long period of time and fixed lighting. I'm working on a video about this.
  • Motion control timelapse. You need lots of gear and time to set this up but the results are always fun!
  • Focus pull timelapse. Same as the previous moco shot but with an extra axis: the focus ring. You can keep adding axes!

Want to learn more about timelapse photography? Check out my newly discounted e-books which teach you everything you need to know about timelapse planning, shooting and editing!

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