One week, one lake, one camera

This new timelapse film takes you all over the Lago Maggiore, Italy's second largest lake.


I just published my latest timelapse film: One week, one lake, one camera.

Shot and finalised in 6K resolution, this compilation of cloud timelapses takes you across the Lago Maggiore in the North of Italy.

If you have a high resolution display you can watch it in 6K resolution on YouTube! I honestly don't really know if 6K resolution displays are a thing but I'm hoping it gets more people to click play.

A bit of information and data about this timelapse film because I know a lot of people are interested in this (I always am):

  • Recorded at the Lago Maggiore in Italy (not Lake Como or Garda).
  • I shot a total of 12601 RAW photos.
  • This resulted in just under 400 gigabytes worth of data.
  • The photos were edit in Adobe Lightroom Classic and rendered with After Effects software.
  • Some sequences were re-edited in LRTimelapse (affiliate link) because I made some mistakes (I am but a human).
  • The final video was finished in 6K resolution (gotta get those clicks).

Why share this info? It's like asking for a cool photo's settings and gear. I'm not doing it so I can copy the photo, I'm just interested to get more technical information about something that looks good. Right?

If you're interested in the post production process of this timelapse footage, check out this 2.5 hour long video I made showing you how I edited these photos from start to finish:

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