Sony A7SIII timelapse review

The Sony A7SIII is a great timelapse camera if you don't care about resolution. Read on or click play to find out why.


The Sony A7SIII is a brand new 12 megapixel full frame mirrorless camera.

In this video I talk about the built in timelapse shooting modes and I show you how to shoot a timelapse with the Sony A7SIII.

Get all the best tools and techniques to become a great timelapse photographer.


  1. Hey Matt!

    Did you get a chance to use the camera a bit more yet? Because I’m running into a major problem for timelapsers. The shadow areas in RAW stills have noticeable colour flickering due to highly varying noise colour. This happens in LR and C1, and with all settings on manual. An example:

    Here’s a thread with more details:
    Here’s a thread about the same issue on the A7s II:
    Here’s a thread on the A6300, same issue again:

    If there’s no fix, this renders the A7s III unusable for low light timelapse, and possibly the entire Alpha series.

  2. Have a look at Gunther Wegner’s expert tips video on youtube about flickering caused by different colour profiles in LR, maybe that will help to fix it. I haven’t shot any more with it sadly.

  3. Hey Nic! Sorry, I don’t use Instagram much, so missed your msg. The reply I got from Sony after a few weeks was just “yeah, the sensor does this. Try lowering ISO or shutter speed”. Which is not a great reply regarding the “low light king” at ISO12800 and 6400 with 1-2sec shutters.

    In other words, it’s not fixable.

    All the details I know are in the first Dpreview link I posted. I sent the camera back for a refund.

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