The Great Conjunction from London


Saturn and Jupiter are currently moving across the sky, slowly creeping closer and closer together until they appear to be one big, bright star to the naked eye. The last time us humans got to see this happening was about 800 years ago!

Check out this timelapse video I made of the planets lining up. Sadly it is super cloudy on the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) in London – which is when the planets would be at its closest – so you get this footage from yesterday and before instead 🙂

Here's a great article by NASA with more information about the great conjunction:

For my fellow gear heads and people interested in timelapse photography: I recorded the timelapses with a Lumix S1 and S5 mirrorless camera. Lenses I used were the Lumix 20-60mm and Canon 70-200mm. For a list of all my gear you can check out my gear page.

I edited the timelapses in Adobe Lightroom, Lrtimelapse and Adobe After effects.

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