LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3 timelapse remote


The LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3 is the latest and greatest timelapse remote to hit the market.

In this video I will be talking about the features, how it’s different from the previous 2.5 model and how it can make your timelapses better.

Disclaimer: I was sent this remote for free in exchange for a review. That being said, I would have bought this remote myself and made the exact same video if I didn't get it for free.

Buy the LRTimelapse Pro Timer here (affiliate link):

What is the LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3?

The LRT PT 3 or PT3 as I’ll call it from now is a universal camera remote made specifically for timelapse and astro photographers.

It consists of a plastic housing with an OLED screen, a single metal knob as an input button, a power switch, a USB port and two 2.5mm jack ports. It also features two cold shoe mounting points as well as two eyelets to attach a strap or cord.

Why does this remote exist?

This remote was designed by Gunther Wegner, the developer of the one and only LRTimelapse editing software. LRTimelapse is used by every professional timelapse photographer in the world, including yours truly. Check out my overview video here. I think that video’s due for an upgrade by the way!

So there’s something wrong with nearly every camera remote out there. If you set it to shoot a series of photos for a timelapse, it will send off two signals for each capture. 

First it sends off an autofocus signal, then it sends the shutter trigger signal. This first AF signal tells your camera to autofocus, but you don’t use AF when shooting timelapse! 

Your camera doesn’t know this though, even though it’s on MF, it receives the AF signal and gets into photo mode, slowing down the camera for other operations.

The LRT PT 3 does not send this AF signal, which gives you the shortest “dark time” possible which allows you to still operate the camera between shots for example to review your histogram or adjust settings.

In short, it’s a more efficient way to trigger your camera.

When and where would you use it?

For your regular old timelapse, a lot of cameras lack a built in intervalometer.

For when you want to plan a timelapse or even schedule a recurring timelapse, for example for sunrises from your cloud palace balcony or for a construction site where you want the camera to shoot certain hours of the day etc.

For when you’re shooting astro photos and timelapses, allowing you to use longer exposures thanks to the bulb mode.

When you want to control two cameras at the same time in sync, for example for a panorama setup.

When you need sub 1 second intervals or very precise 0.1 second interval adjustments.

When you want to ramp your interval from 5 seconds to 10 seconds for example.

How is it different from the previous model?

To be honest it is not wildly different.

It has a much larger screen though, almost 3 times as big, which is useful for me as I don’t have the best eyes and the previous screen really was very small. The bigger screen offers a better layout of all the shooting info as well, and it’s covered by scratch resistant glass.

The knob is now metal and slightly larger and heavier.

The two ports now feature ridges, giving you a tactile indicator of which port you’re using, useful for when it’s dark for example.

It has an improved charging regulator which drains the battery less when not in use.

Improved support for mirrorless cameras.

Both the 2.5 and the 3 have the same software features and will get the same future firmware upgrades, so if you don’t need the bigger screen you can save some money and get the 2.5!

How do you use it?

Despite the single button on the side it is very easy to set up and use, watch the video above to see how I set up a simple timelapse shot.

Note how it shows you remaining time, elapsed time, remaining images etc while shooting. This is super useful stuff for timelapse shooters.

You will need the right cable for your camera, Canon, Nikon, Sony etc all use different connectors so make sure you get the right one.

Things I love about the LRTimelapse Pro Timer 3

  • It shows you all the things you need to know on screen while shooting, like how much time is left on the shot and when the next shot will trigger etc.
  • Allows you to change the number of shots while shooting as well as the interval.
  • You can set up a shot and save it as a custom configuration.
  • Built in flashlight using the bigger screen as well as the option to completely turn off the screen for when you don’t want any light pollution whatsoever
  • Super simple to use even with thick gloves on.
  • Multiple mounting options.
  • It’s just a very well thought out product.

It’s slightly pricy but oh so worth it, at least in my opinion. I reckon it's the very best timelapse remote on the market right now.

Buy the LRTimelapse Pro Timer here (affiliate link):

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