Create a time slice photo with Time Stitch

Time Stitch is a free app that makes time slice photos for you in seconds.


While doing research for upcoming tutorials and software videos about timelapse I found a little app on the Apple App store called Time Stitch.

It is free to download (link below) and is incredibly simple to use. Watch the video to see exactly how simple it is.

If you're on a mac you can download the app by clicking here.

Now for the news! The Matjoez Newsletter is getting a major upgrade this year and I am beyond excited about it. Sign up below and download the 5 free Lightroom presets and e-books:

  • Monthly newsletter giveaways. From LRTimelapse software licenses to editing plugins to one on one coaching sessions and portfolio reviews, merch and timelapse/photography hardware I will be giving away a ton of value over the next year.
  • Timelapse & photo editing presets. I'm almost done developing a set of Lightroom Classic presets consisting of steps and looks which will allow you to simplify and speed up your timelapse and photo processing. More info soon.
  • Timelapse video course. Yes, this has been in the works for years now! I've decided on which platform I will be hosting this educational content on, and I'm prepping it and building it as we speak. This will allow me to host webinars, build out multiple courses, generate a ton of passive income and it will allow me to focus on creating more content for you.
  • Mini courses on photography, videography, editing etc. Thanks to the new platform and how streamlined it is, I'll be able to easily create mini courses. My plan is simple: pour every single useful thing I know into digital courses. I'll be using the knowledge I got from my film degree in 2011 to the stuff I taught myself because there were no easily accessible courses or books around when I started doing it. The Matjoez online store is going to get an enormous overhaul.
  • A second youtube channel, which will revolve around being a creative and how to thrive. Running your own business, how to find clients, how to pitch ideas, how to tackle social media, how to strategise. All of this stuff that I CONSTANTLY get asked about will now live on a second youtube channel.
  • On top of that channel, I will be making a new paid course about those subjects as well, featuring tons of bonus content.
  • Audiobooks. I've been asked to do this for ages and I've committed to it by offering it as a bonus for the 5DayDeal a few months ago, and it's finally happening. Passive Income For Creatives will be the first of my e-books to be turned into an audiobook.
  • Merchandise. Something I've dreamed of for years: my own merchandise. The samples are en route as we speak and I'll be sharing some of them on my instagram stories soon.
  • A bunch more stuff behind the scenes which will likely bore you 🙂

Lots to come, very exciting!

Buy my e-books immediately or I'll come to your house and stand outside your window at night.

Get all the best tools and techniques to become a great timelapse photographer.

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