Ten million second shutter speed with the solarcan solargraphy camera

I installed a solargraphy camera to track the movement of the sun across the sky.


The solarcan is a solargraphy camera, an analog pinhole camera made to capture the sun's movement across the sky. In this video, I develop a four-month-long exposure. Get your own solarcan via my affiliate link here: http://matjoez.com/solarcan

If you missed part one of this project which I’ve linked I’ll just recap in short: the solarcan is a pinhole camera made out of an aluminium can containing photographic paper.

I installed the solarcan right after the winter solstice, with the goal being to capture the sun moving across the sky, with its path getting higher and wider each day.

Due to the nature of this style of photography and the materials used, I only get one chance to do all of this correctly. If I ruin the scan I will have wasted 4 months and I’ll have to start again from scratch. But at least it’ll make for a good video!

In hindsight, I wish I did this about a month ago so the lines of the sun would remain in the frame. Lesson learned for next time!

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