Ten-day GoPro Hero 10 Night Lapse shot

Here are the results of a ten-day-long GoPro Hero 10 Night Lapse shoot.


I set the GoPro Hero 10 up for a ten-day-long Night Lapse shot.

Best GoPro Hero 10 Night Lapse settings

The GoPro was set to Night Lapse mode in video format with a 10-second interval. Auto shutter, 4K resolution, linear lens with high bit rate, auto white balance, vibrant colour and iso min set to 100 and iso max set to 400.

Below are affiliate links to all the gear I used:
Here's the GoPro: https://geni.us/V6tnh
I used this clamp to mount it: https://geni.us/MBUP4QV
With this modified door: https://geni.us/rAfW3BE
And this Anker charger: https://geni.us/8eS3B67

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