Axiiio camera robotics system

Let's have a look at this high-tech camera robotics system built by Australian tech startup Axiiio.


The Axiiio camera robotics system is a modular motion control rig for timelapse and video shooters.

In this video, I go over the features, what I think of it and how to build it up.

Support Axiiio on Indiegogo here:

Here's a look at how I set up the right, shot as a timelapse of course:

And here's one of many fun things you can create with this rig:

A shot like this is extremely simple to create on a static tripod. To do it with a moving camera is much more challenging.

Luckily, thanks to the Axiiio rig's frame-accurate repeatable motion this has become quite easy.

Want to learn more about timelapse photography? Check out my latest product: The Ultimate Timelapse Course.

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