Remove dust spots from timelapse videos

Every now and then you forget to clean your lens or sensor and you end up with a timelapse sequence full of dust spots. Let's fix this by working smarter, not harder!


Adobe's Content Aware Fill for video effect is a lifesaver for removing dust spots from your timelapse videos.

Click play to see how it works or keep reading for the written tutorial. It really is super simple.

How to remove dust spots from timelapse videos

  1. Import your timelapse video into After Effects.
  2. Create a composition with the video file.
  3. Use the ellipse tool to create round masks around the dust spots and set the blend mode to subtract.
  4. In the Content Aware Fill panel set the Fill Method to Edge Blend.
  5. Set the Range to Entire Duration.
  6. Click the Generate Fill Layer button and let it analyse.
  7. Render out your video and voila, a clean timelapse sequence.

Don't have After Effects? Download a free 30-day trial here.

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