A year in review


It's the end of the year! Is that good? Probably..

I reckon we're all keen for a fresh start and to get this one over with.

I haven't done a “year in review” in a while, so here are some stats, stories, and pretty skies from my 2021:

I'm still calculating exactly how many photos, sequences, and terabytes of timelapses I shot but… it's a lot. As a total guess I'd say I've filled up about 15 terabytes worth of hard drives. That could roughly translate to about 500,000 RAW files.

The first sunset from the roof of our new apartment. Not bad.

With all those RAW files I published 46 YouTube videos. The channel got 676,609 views, which is a bit mind boggling if you ask me. By the way, and this took me a while to find out, I currently have a total of 984 videos uploaded to YouTube. Most of them are unlisted or private, with “only” 329 being public. I'm excited to upload my 1000th video next year, better make it a good one!

The view from our balcony, conveniently cropping out the other buildings to the side.

My most viewed video this year is about how much I dislike the Nikon P1000. I had to disable the comments on that one because it upset so many people and people on the internet can really be a bunch of rude ****s. I'll make a more fun video about the P1000 soon, it's been on the to-do list for a while.

The first stormy sky as seen from the new flat.

Speaking of YouTube videos, what kind of videos would you like to see more in 2022? Looking at the data for my website and YouTube channel, the most viewed (and most appreciated) pieces were educational content about entry-level cameras and techniques. This makes sense as there are a lot more people using those than flagship cameras.

Feel free to provide input on what you'd like to see here.

A recent sunrise scene.

There were 57 editions of The Time Warper Weekly this year. That's more than 52 because every now and then you need to promote things properly (like the end of year deal below). The newsletter will change slightly in 2022, with a bigger emphasis on writing and providing value to the reader, which is you.

Which brings me to.. thanking you.

Thank you, for watching my videos, for liking my photos and videos across social media channels, for checking out my products and for just being here. I feel incredibly privileged and humbled to have the following and community that I have, and I often remind myself of that.

The #MatjoezFeature hashtag on Instagram now has 2,263 posts! It's been so much fun to follow that tag and to see what pops up on my feed. Shall we try and aim big and go for the 10K next year?

One of the best sunrises of the year, and I managed to shoot it as a tight shot on the city + mess up critical focus 😀 What a pro!

I'll keep you posted on what else I've got planned for the new year, for now I just wanted to say thank you again.

Which also brings me to the final sale on The Ultimate Timelapse Course for a little while.

You can get lifetime access to The Ultimate Timelapse Course for 25% off up until the first of January.

All you have to do is use coupon code XMAS21 at checkout and the discount will be applied.

Get all the best tools and techniques to become a great timelapse photographer.

Thanks for being here. I hope you have a wonderful start to the new year.


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