GoPro Hero 10 timelapse modes

Is it worth upgrading your GoPro Hero 9 to the GoPro Hero 10 as a timelapse camera?


In this video, I compare the timelapse modes of the GoPro Hero 10 to the GoPro Hero 9. The results may surprise you.

My favourite GoPro Hero 10 timelapse settings for general shooting are:

  • Night lapse mode
  • Linear lens
  • Video mode
  • 5 second interval
  • Auto shutter
  • Bit rate High
  • EV comp 0
  • White balance auto
  • Iso min 100 iso max 400
  • Sharpness medium
  • Color natural

If you want higher quality results and would like more room for post-processing the footage then I recommend shooting .GPR (GoPro's equivalent to RAW) files in photo mode.

Get all the best tools and techniques to become a great timelapse photographer.

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