Why you need LRTimelapse 6

Get excited, LRTimelapse 6 is here! This custom timelapse editing software will speed up your timelapse editing workflow and so much more.


Four years after the release of LRTimelapse 5 we are now at the final stages of the LRTimelapse 6 beta versions, with a final release imminent.

In today's video, I run you through the new features in LRTimelapse 6 and I show you how to use LRTimelapse 6 to edit a holy grail timelapse.

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In case you're not familiar with LRTimelapse, it is specialized timelapse editing software with a few key features:

  • It can deflicker your footage (caused by aperture flicker, and manual exposure camera adjustments).
  • It can gradually modify settings over an entire sequence, for example, white balance or exposure etc.
  • It can render sequences of photos into high-resolution, professional codec video files.
  • It does a lot more, but those would be the key features for a lot of people.

What is new in LRTimelapse 6?

The biggest one of all is the option to edit photos and sequences without Lightroom at all. There is a new panel that allows you to edit your RAW sequences from within LRTimelapse. This still uses the Adobe RAW engine in the backend, but it’s very cool to be able to do this.

LRTimelapse 6 (beta 10) editing panel.jpg

Another big one is the fact that you can render from within LRTimelapse without needing Lightroom

This is huge! It uses JPEGs as intermediary files which might introduce banding in your sky as you can see here, so for the highest possible quality, you’ll still want to go with the normal workflows however this is a really, really big development as it can now work as a standalone application for timelapse editing.

If you want to quickly render a sequence for example you can now use just LRTimelapse without having to open Lightroom as well.

You can now modify and store your export presets! You don’t have to edit them on every export anymore which will save you some time.

LRTimelapse 6 export/render panel, showing the new preset tab too.

Another great feature is the lightning-fast loading of folders and sequences. I’m not kidding, LRTimelapse has gotten so much faster to work with, it’s an absolute breeze. It's also optimized for the new generation of Apple computers and processors.

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The workflow tabs have been simplified a lot, we now have the one main one as well as the legacy one.

The LRTimelapse 6 workflow panel, showing the new simplified workflows.

There are new long-term timelapse filters available which are useful if you’re shooting a construction site for example.

Will old LRTimelapse 5 licenses work for LRTimelapse 6?

LRT5 licenses bought after 1 October 2021 will work for LRT6, license and upgrade prices remain the same as usual. Check out the different licenses and prices on the LRTimelapse website here.

I want to say a big thank you to Gunther, the developer of LRTimelapse, for creating this software. Without a doubt this is the most influential piece of software to hit the timelapse community for years to come!

If you'd like to learn more about how to timelapse (and hyperlapse), keep reading.

Get all the best tools and techniques to become a great timelapse photographer.

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