Timelapse Film Of The Week: New York City – 4K Cinematic Timelapse by Emeric’s Timelapse

Emeric Le Bars aka Emeric's Timelapse took four trips over four years to create this stunning timelapse compilation of the city that never sleeps.


Happy Friday!

Today we're featuring my fellow migrated timelapser Emeric Le Bars.

Originally from France, Emeric followed a similar path to me by moving across the globe many years ago. Having been located in LA for the majority of the last decade, he's managed to make a stunning timelapse film of the city that never sleeps.

It took four years and four trips to the big apple to collect all this footage, so make sure to watch it on the big screen!

I really enjoy the wide-screen aspect ratio of this film, and it's something I've been considering myself for my upcoming London showreel. You really have to keep this in mind while shooting though, as it's very easy to shoot tall buildings too tight so they won't fit the screen.

Have you seen any great timelapse films lately? Do post them in the comments, as I'm always on the lookout to feature fellow time warpers!

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