How to make a timeslice photo

Timeslice photos and videos have gotten quite popular over the last few years, here are three different timeslice tutorial videos.


Timeslice photos and videos are getting more and more popular lately, so today I'm sharing a few of my older tutorials to keep you in the loop!

You'll learn three methods to make timeslice photos and videos, using both paid as well as free software.

This first video teaches you how to make a timeslice video, using two plugins for Adobe after effects. This timeslice tutorial requires you to have an already finished “holy grail” sequence, which is another tutorial I've linked further down below.

The good thing about this timeslice method is that it also allows you to create timeslice photos by exporting your composition as an image sequence or you can just export a single frame as a tiff file for example.

If you're wondering how to make a timeslice photo then the next tutorial is a good one. It uses popular timelapse editing software lrtimelapse with its built in composite method. This also uses a holy grail (or static lighting) sequence to make a timeslice photo.

And then finally, there's another standalone app to make timeslices, which is called time stitch. It is quite buggy and doesn't have a lot of features but it is free and super simple to use!

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Et voila, that's three different ways to make time slice photos.

Of course, there is the fully manual approach as well using Adobe Photoshop, where you mask out certain columns or rows of pixels, but that is very time-consuming!

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