Camera sensor cleaning gone wrong!


While filming a tutorial about camera sensor cleaning I somehow managed to spit on said sensor…

I didn't intend to, in fact, I don't even know how it happened because I didn't blow on my sensor or anything (as I talk about in the video). Regardless, it's a pretty fun thing to have happen when making a video about the exact thing you're trying to prevent.

Enjoy this happy little accident 😅

How to clean your camera sensor

  • Turn on automatic sensor cleaning from your camera menu.
  • Remove your lens, turn your camera facing the sensor down and blow out any dust using the blower.
  • Enable manual sensor cleaning, grab a swab, and carefully swipe from one end of the sensor to the other in a single motion.
  • Flip the swab over and repeat the same motion in the same direction.
  • Discard the swab, don't use it again.
  • If needed, grab a new swab and spray it with sensor cleaning liquid and repeat the process. (as seen in the video).
  • Fire off another test shot at a high aperture value (like F22) to verify whether all the spots on your sensor are gone.

The camera sensor cleaning kit I used in the video is this one (affiliate link). It's a decent price, comes in a nice little carry case and comes with a blower, lens cleaning pen, lens and sensor cleaning liquid, swabs, wipes, and a cloth.

The sensor cleaning kit I use.

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EDIT: The developers of Luminar Neo are Ukrainian. If you'd like to do some more reading about how you can help Ukraine:

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