Female timelapse photographers


It's international women's day!

My friend and fellow timelapse photographer Mattia Bicchi has made a video featuring five female timelapse photographers.

I really like this, as there is an enormous gender imbalance in the (timelapse) world.

Below you will find Mattia's video, as well as the profiles and some timelapse films by the featured women.

First up we have Los Angeles based Cindy Wu. Cindy's got a passion for storm photography and timelapse. You can find her Instagram here and her website here.

Up next we have Katerine Giannikos aka @bringonthetravels on Instagram. Originally from South Africa Katerine is now based in Boise, Idaho. Have a look at her 2021 showreel below and her website here.

Rachel Jones Ross has some gorgeous nightscapes and other photography work on her Instagram here.

I've featured Linda Van Rosmalen aka @cleverdarkelve a bunch of times on this blog here already so I'm sure you're familiar with her great timelapse work! Find more of her work on her website here.

And finally, we have Autumn Shrock aka @autpops with more travel and astrophotography content. Find more on her website here. Watch this stunning video documentary she made with Nate Luebbe and Austin Smith about shooting the aurora from space!

Are you feeling inspired and wanting to learn more about timelapse photography? Check out my free e-book below.

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