Timelapse Film Of The Week: The Beginning Of Spring. Kyiv 2021 by U Timelapse


Petro Belskyi is a timelapse photographer based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I hope I don't have to explain why I'm featuring a Ukrainian timelapse photographer today…

Please watch Petro's timelapse film of The Beginning Of Spring in Kyiv 2021 and subscribe to his channels to show your support.

From Petro's video description:

City time-lapses from Kyiv, Ukraine.
This is a collection of my cityscape time-lapses from over march 2021.
The video is a mix of static shots.
I really hope you all enjoy the video and thanks so much for watching! Stay tuned.

Camera gear used:

Camera: Sony α6100 + 16-50kit lens
Tripod: Manfrotto Compact Light

Here's an excerpt from Petro's about section on YouTube channel which I really liked:

“My name is Petro Belskyi. I'm Water and Sewage engineer and BIM/VDC specialist. A few years ago, I bought my first amateur camera, which later became my hobby. A hobby is something that people like to do in their free time and that fills their lives with a certain meaning. It is impossible to devote all your time to the main work and everyday affairs. A hobby gives a person the opportunity to relax. Doing a favorite thing, a person, first of all, satisfies the most important, in terms of emotional comfort, the need for self-realization, of course, provides her with spiritual growth and gives her life much more bright colors and positive emotions. Here I want to show you a little collection of my cityscape time-lapses.”

Make sure to support Petro's Instagram account too: https://www.instagram.com/behindthelens.pb/

EDIT: I just spoke to my friends at Luminar, who developed the Luminar Neo software I talked about in a recent video and they have sent this link, if you'd like to do some more reading about how you can help Ukraine: https://skylum.com/blog/how-you-can-help-ukraine

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