Lumix GH6 new timelapse features


The newly release Panasonic Lumix GH6 features three exciting new timelapse features.

Another great sign of how much the Lumix engineers take user feedback on board.

Watch my short video about the new features or scroll down to keep reading.

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So on top of all the great timelapse features the Lumix system already has in the full-frame S1, S5 cameras, etc, we now have three new functions in the GH6 which once again shows how much the Lumix engineers listen and pay attention to professional timelapse and hyperlapse photographers like myself.

The first new feature is found in the Start Time. Normally you can choose “Now” to start shooting immediately, or you can select “Set Start Time” in the future. The new option is called “After 2 seconds”, which allows you to trigger the timelapse two seconds after clicking the button. This means you won’t have a shaky first shot if you’re shooting long exposure timelapses on your GH6.

Up next, and this is the biggest one of the new features in the GH6, is a sort of built-in timelapse calculator called the Setting Assistant. When you enter the image count and shooting interval menu you can now press display and this now provides you with a calculator to select your settings.

Using Production Frame Rate (aka the desired frame rate of your final video), Video length (aka total timelapse video length) and Timelapse Shooting Duration you will then be given the relevant image count and shooting interval for your timelapse shot.

People have built entire apps and websites for this, and now here it is built into the GH6 menu system. How good. I hope we find this in the other Lumix cameras in the future too!

Then the final feature is Create New Folder At Rec, which creates a new folder every time you start a new timelapse recording. This is just so, so nice. I usually use a Lightroom plugin to automatically create collections, and then folders from those collections. This will save me a lot of time.

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