Ten tips for better hyperlapses

Here are ten tips to create better hyperlapse shots


Today I want to do two things!

Firstly, I want to give you ten tips to create better hyperlapses.

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Let’s start with the tips though!

Tip 1 Longer lenses

Shooting on a longer lens makes your stabilisation process easier.

Wide-angle lenses tend to confuse the warp stabilizer, so if your track and subject allow it, try shooting at 35mm instead of 24mm.

Tip 2 Choose your clouds

Clouds matter! If you know me you know I’m all about the billowy boys, but not just for timelapse. Cloud movement can add a big layer of energy and motion to your hyperlapse footage.

So if you have the option to shoot on a grey overcast day or a day with cumulus aka sheep clouds you’re going to want to go with the latter!

Tip 3 Move sideways

Moving sideways from your subject will give you a cleaner result than moving forward.

This is because it’s very hard to get rid of the side-to-side wiggle when moving forward.

Tip 4 Do a test run

Do a test run. If you’ve watched any of my hyperlapse tutorials you know I always recommend doing a test run to check whether your anchor point will remain visible throughout your track. It’s an important tip, so I’m repeating it here.

Tip 5 Overshoot

Shoot more images than planned. Start further away from your desired starting point, and end further away from where you would end. Add 20 shots to each end to ensure you’ve got a clean sequence with so-called handles on both sides, your editor (aka most likely you) will thank you later.

Tip 6 Manual stabilization

Familiarise yourself with the manual stabilization method in after effects before applying the Warp Stabilizer to get cleaner results.

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Tip 7 Use tripod wheels

Get yourself some tripod wheels for longer runs, this can really make things a lot easier. Here’s a shot I used them on, which allowed me to use ND filters while still being rapid.

Tip 8 Use ND filters

Use filters! Create motion blur on moving subjects by adding a 5 or 10 stop filter. Shoutout to PolarPro for sending me a new kit recently!

Tip 9 Watch out with polarisers

Be careful when using polarisers on hyperlapses, because your angle of shooting might change you might induce some really hard-to-remove flickering!

Tip 10 Work with a spotter

Ask a friend to help you out. Don’t jeopardize a super long shot because other people might get in your way and block you from moving.

Don’t risk it, get a buddy to help you out and then return the favor.

Do you have any other tips you want to share? Drop them in the comments below!

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May your skies be filled with fluffy clouds!

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