Insta360 Cinelapse tutorial

Cinelapse is an effect by Insta360 which creates crazy cool hyperlapses


Cinelapse, a new effect by Insta360, kind of blows my mind.

It looks like a spinning hyperlapse on steroids, and the best thing is:

There is zero editing involved, and the shooting process is so incredibly simple a literal dog could make this.

All it takes is you walking around with a selfie stick for a few minutes and then using the Insta360 app and AI to process it automatically.

In this video I’ll show you the process of how to do this yourself, using the Insta360 ONE RS camera or one of their other models.

As always a full disclaimer: I was sent this camera for free by the brand.

I told them if I liked it I would make a video, they have zero input on what you are watching right now

So, what did I get, how did I shoot it, and how do you edit it?

The Insta360 ONE RS, a modular camera, has a battery base, a brain, and a camera component. In my set, I have a wide-angle camera, as well as a dual-camera aka 360 camera setup.

How to shoot a Cinelapse

To shoot what you see in the video, you attach the frame around the 360 setup and then attach it to the selfie stick.

You then walk around for a few minutes, recording a handful of clips in 5.7K 360 video mode.

Try to find visually exciting bits with some graffiti, boats, a nice-looking street, and park, etc.

How to edit a Cinelapse

Now the next step is to open up the insta360 app, link your camera, go to the Stories tab and find the Cinelapse effect.

What I like here is that they’ve got all these other fun effects for you to try out, and it’s got the tutorials right there on the screen.

So go to Cinelapse, select at least two video files and then let the app process.

This is the only downside I can talk about here, despite me having a pretty powerful smartphone, this did take a long period to process.

About half an hour for one of the sequences and then on another sequence I increased the quality and the processing took over an hour.

The app does warn you about this and tells you to keep the app in the foreground.

As for choosing compositions, keyframing and music etc this is all out of your hands.

The only things you can choose are bitrate, framerate, and some other settings you can see in the video.

The app somehow analyses your shots and tries to find the most interesting bits, then adds all these panning and looping keyframes, fake motion blur, etc and stitches it all together.

It can be pretty disorienting at points but I think it’s a really fun effect, that is just so darn easy to shoot.

What do you think about the Cinelapse effect by Insta360? Let me know in the comments.

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