New LRTimelapse updates

LRTimelapse 6.1 is out and brings us some new features, improvements and fixes.


Good news, actually, two bits of good news!

Firstly, LRTimelapse 6.1 is out.

It's been out for a while, but I never got around to posting about it.

It brings some new features (custom folders, new aspect ratios, and rotating/mirroring sequences from internal renders) and some improvements and fixes.

If you're not across LRTimelapse yet, here's a video I made about it.

Now for the second bit of good news!

In a recent Adobe Lightroom Classic software update, a really annoying bug crept in.

This bug would crash Lightroom when exporting large numbers of photos (something us timelapsers tend to do on the regular).

Thankfully, two months after it was reported on the Adobe forum, this bug has now been fixed.

Make sure all your software is up to date from the download page over at LRTimelapse!

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