How to timelapse with Photoshop CC

Learn how to create a timelapse video using Photoshop CC


Did you know that you can use Adobe Photoshop CC to make timelapse videos?

But, for many people, there is an issue at the final step which freezes the software.

Watch the video or read on to find out how to make a timelapse with Photoshop, and how to fix the freezing issue.

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How to timelapse with Photoshop CC

  • Open Photoshop and click File > Open
  • Navigate to your image sequence and select only the first photo
  • Enable the Image Sequence option then press Open
  • Select your framerate (I use 25fps)
  • Adjust your canvas size by clicking Image > Canvas Size (use 1920×1080 or 3840×2160 pixels)
  • Adjust your framing by clicking Edit > Free Transform
  • Export your sequence by clicking File > Export > Render Video
  • Use the settings below to create your video

These are my settings for making a timelapse video with Photoshop CC.

How to fix the Photoshop freezing issue when rendering video

As mentioned in the video, it can happen that Photoshop freezes when clicking the render button. This isn't always the case for everyone, but it happens frequently enough for me to flag it here. There are a number of potential workarounds that you can find here:

Here are Adobe's recommended troubleshooting steps for the Photoshop app freezing when rendering.

Delete all Adobe entries in Keychain Access

  • Quit Photoshop
  • Open the macOS Utility Keychain Access
  • In the Login section, click the Name column to sort items alphabetically
  • Select all entries that start with Adobe and press Delete
  • Click Delete on the confirmation dialog 
  • You will be prompted to Sign into your Adobe ID next time you start Photoshop. 
  • Try to render video again

And here is a community thread where you can leave your complaints so Adobe can finally fix this.

Have a look at which other software I use to create timelapse videos here:

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