Best HERO 11 timelapse settings

The GoPro HERO 11 is an amazing timelapse (and hyperlapse) camera. Check out how to get the best results when shooting sunsets and sunrises.


The GoPro Hero 11 is GoPro's latest action camera.

Packed with more pixels and a bigger sensor, it's also quite the timelapse machine.

In today's video, you'll learn the best HERO 11 timelapse settings for shooting sunset or sunrise.

Watch the video or scroll down to read the settings instead.

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Best sunset timelapse settings for the GoPro HERO 11

General camera settings

  • Mode: Nightlapse
  • Resolution: 5.7k
  • Lens: Linear
  • Format: Video
  • Interval: 5 seconds
  • Shutter: Auto
  • Duration: No limit
  • Timer: 3 seconds
  • Scheduled: Maybe
  • Zoom: Do not do it

Up next are the ProTune settings.

ProTune settings

  • Bitrate: High
  • EV Comp: 0 or -0.5
  • White Balance: Auto
  • ISO Min: 100
  • ISO Max: 100 or 200
  • Sharpness: Medium
  • Colour: Natural

That's it, those are my preferred settings for GoPro sunset timelapse shots.

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