Lumix RW2 files do not work in DaVinci Resolve

Lumix RW2 files do not work in DaVinci Resolve, and neither do the converted DNG files. Let's try and change that.


I'm working on a new tutorial video about how to make a timelapse with DaVinci Resolve.

While doing research and testing I came across an issue.

This issue reminded me of what I encountered while making a previous tutorial about HDR video in DaVinci Resolve.

Lumix RW2 RAW files do not work in DaVinci Resolve!

I've found people's so-called “solutions” online, where they tell you to transform your RW2 files to DNG files using Adobe DNG converter.

Sadly they seem to miss the issue that these DNG files also do not work properly in DaVinci.

If you're reading this, you're now part of my team to hopefully make enough noise about this issue so that the developers can sort this out.

Voice your opinion here:

This is what I wrote on the forum:

“Hi all,

I'm making this thread here to flag an issue that many Lumix timelapse photographers have.

If you want to create a timelapse using DaVinci Resolve (rendering out a sequence of image stills to a video file) using Lumix RW2 files (the Lumix RAW format) you do not get the correct colours in DaVinci Resolve.

An often touted, yet sadly wrong solution is to convert the RW2 files to DNG files using Adobe's DNG converter.

These DNG files also do not display the correct colours.

I'm hoping someone has found a solution for this problem, or alternatively I'm hoping that enough people chime in here so that the developers can implement support for this format in a future update.


Just in case this post is coming off wrong: I absolutely adore the developers and people behind DaVinci Resolve.

I think what they're doing is fantastic (creating powerful all-in-one software for free, and a paid version without a subscription model behind it).

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