Enlaps Tikee 3 Pro+ The best camera for long term timelapse

The Enlaps Tikee 3 Pro+ might just be the best solution for long-term timelapses, and so much more.


A completely weatherproof timelapse camera with two panoramic lenses, a built-in solar panel for power, and a 4G and wifi chip for remote uploads, monitoring, and editing?

Yes, please!

In this blog, I’m showing you the Enlaps Tikee 3 Pro Plus timelapse camera, as well as the powerful cloud software that runs behind the scenes.

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This camera was gifted to me as part of a partnership between Enlaps and The Ultimate Timelapse Course.

The Tikee 3 Pro+ is the latest and greatest long-term timelapse camera by the French Enlaps team.

The camera has two 16mp Sony sensors providing a 220-degree FOV with JPEG and DNG captures, a built-in high-capacity battery and solar panel, up to 512GB internal storage via micro SD card, remote upload and access of data via Wifi or 4G, IP66 weatherproofing, integrated GPS, smartphone control, and so much more.

In the above video, you can see the unboxing, installing, shooting, and showing footage recorded on the Enlaps Tikee 3 Pro+.

An overview of the Tikee 3 Pro+

The camera comes in a nice carry case with a hard foam insert, a lens cloth, a quick start guide, and a hex key (to tighten the solar panel).

I also received a large solar panel and mounting bracket, however, I don’t have enough space to mount that currently.

Before using the Tikee 3 Pro+ you need to charge the camera via a micro USB at the back.

Besides the USB port, you will also find a power button, a micro SD and sim card slot, an external power supply port, and a trigger button.

The ports on the back are all weather sealed and rated with an IP66 rating.

The bottom of the camera features a standard quarter-inch thread hole for tripod plates, as well as other holes to mount the extra metal bracket.

The top of the camera is the solar panel which swivels and tilts up, which you can lock in place with the hex key.

The front of the camera features two lenses providing the panoramic point of view.

Installing the Tikee 3 Pro+

So even though this camera came with a mounting bracket, I’ll be using my own system by threading in a Manfrotto style plate at the bottom and clicking it into a ballhead clamped to the balcony railing.

I’m also adding a failsafe here by looping a Peak Design camera strap through this whole and around the railing. It can get pretty windy up here, so you can’t be too safe!

I’m going to be pointing the camera south-southwest so I capture sunrise through canary wharf and sunset in the city, for now. As the seasons change the sun will eventually appear out of frame.

Mount the camera so it’s level and then swivel the solar panel so it captures as much sun as possible. Use the hex key to lock it in place.

Tikee 3 Pro+ capture modes

Turn the camera on by long pressing the power button, then use the Enlaps smartphone app to connect to the camera over Bluetooth.

There are three capture modes: Burst, Event and Long.

Burst is for short-term shots spanning up to 3 hours.

Event is ideal for events spanning up to 24 hours.

Long is for construction sites or seasonal changes, with an infinite shooting length.

Setting each shot up via the app is super simple, you then send the sequence to your Tikee and enable shooting.

If your Tikee is in wifi range or has a sim card installed, you can remotely access and monitor the footage and change shooting settings.

Once the Tikee has shot enough photos (100 shots minimum) you can start generating timelapse videos with it.

There are a ton of editing options on the MyTikee platform, which is a subscription model. Different price tiers give you different options. Check out all the options on the Enlaps website here.

I’ll be covering much more of the Tikee 3 Pro+ in a new chapter of The Ultimate Timelapse Course which will be all about long-term timelapse shooting and editing.

Let me know if you’d like to see more Tikee content!

Don't forget, you can use coupon code matjoez-ENLAPS at matjoez.com/enlaps for an exclusive discount!

Want to learn more about timelapse photography? Check out my free e-book below.

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