Premiere Pro Hyperlapse Tutorial

Learn how to hyperlapse with Premiere Pro. It really is super simple.


If you want to know how to make a hyperlapse with Premiere Pro you're on the right page!

What do you need to shoot a hyperlapse? It's easy, just a camera, a subject, an anchor point, and a path to follow.

By the way, a monopod can really help you while shooting hyperlapses. It takes all the strain off your shoulders.

What camera gear do you need to shoot a hyperlapse the easy way:

  • A camera (DSLR, mirrorless, even a phone will do)
  • A lens (don't go wider than 24mm on a full-frame)
  • A set of arms (very useful for holding up your camera)
  • A set of legs (great to move around!)

What else do you need for the hyperlapse?

  • subject to shoot, like a building.
  • An anchor point on said subject, like a window.
  • path to follow during your hyperlapse (you will often find tiles useful)
  • Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro (We'll be using the Warp Stabiliser VFX effect)

How to shoot a hyperlapse:

  • Find an anchor point on your subject that will be in frame for the entire length of your path.
  • Use the grid-view or an AutoFocus point in your viewfinder to consistently align this anchor point in each photo in the same spot.
  • Find a path to follow, this can go sideways, diagonally, or straight ahead.
  • Do a test run of said path, shooting a photo every five meters. Scroll through the photos to get a preview of what your shot will look like. You might want to adjust your anchor point or your grid view alignment.
  • Go back to the start of your path, line up your shot and take your first photo.
  • Take a step forward, line up your shot again and take another photo.
  • Get in “the zone”. Your step size and photo interval should be as consistent as possible.
  • Follow along your path and shoot at least 100 photos, ideally more.
  • Once you're done, scroll through your photos to have a look at what you just captured.

How to hyperlapse in premiere pro

  • Open Premiere Pro and import your photos as an image sequence
  • Create a new timeline from the image sequence
  • Go to the effects tab and search for Warp Stabiliser
  • Apply it to the sequence in the timeline
  • Set Smoothness to 10% and let it run
  • If you've shot it well you will get a clean result
  • If you need to apply the Warp Stabiliser again you want to Nest the sequence then re-apply

Want to learn more about how to hyperlapse? Check out my free e-book or my video course The Ultimate Timelapse Course.

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