About me

My name is Matthew Vandeputte.
I am a timelapse photographer.
I am a Youtuber.
I am a public speaker.
I am an educator.


Originally from Belgium, I migrated to beautiful Sydney, Australia in 2013 where I now live my life as a timelapse photographer and youtuber.
After discovering timelapse photography a number of years ago, I went on to specialise in hyperlapse photography, for which the Australian department of immigration granted me a Distinguished Talent PR visa.


I get hired by brands and destinations to create unique, highly engaging visual content for their ads or campaigns.
Sometimes I get to be what journalists like to call an ‘influencer’, where I share a product with my followers in exchange for money.
Aside from the commercial work, I run a Youtube channel that is all about timelapse, travel and teaching.


Check out this Stories With Matjoez podcast if this bit of text wasn’t satisfactory.


If you are really, extremely thirsty to get to know me better you can check out my vlog (video blog) playlist, where I have over 300 videos about my life and travels.

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