My name is Matthew Vandeputte

I am a Belgian living in London and Sydney. I am a timelapse photographer, a youtuber, a public speaker and an educator.

After discovering timelapse photography 9 years ago, I went on to specialise in the 'niche within a niche' called hyperlapse photography. In 2014 the Australian department of immigration granted me a Distinguished Talent PR visa for my work as a hyperlapse photographer. Good stuff.

The majority of my work is commissioned by brands and destinations. I get hired to create unique, highly engaging visual content for ads or campaigns. One of my specialisations is extremely fast turnaround timelapse projects. With proper preparation and a highly efficient workflow a video can go live hours after the timelapse shoot has ended. Recent clients for these types of projects have been Canon Australia, Tourism Australia and Tourism Queensland.

I love sharing my story. A story of a hobby that got out of hand. Over the last few years I've been invited by a number of organisations to talk about where I started, where I've been and where I'm going. I love talking about my life and passions. If you are organising an event and are looking for a speaker, please get in touch via the contact button below.

My username across all social media platforms is @matjoez. Over the years I've amassed a following of just over 160000 people. Those people follow me for my authenticity, my work, my sharing of knowledge and my personality. Every now and then brands reach out to me to try and reach out to my followers. Depending on the brand and budget, this deal goes ahead and I turn into an 'social media influencer'. Fun stuff.

I have recently published two books about timelapse photography. These books contain all the info you need to know about planning, shooting and processing the highest possible quality timelapse footage. Click on the image to check out my new store.