GoPro TimeWarp 2.0 Hyperlapse tutorial

Making great hyperlapse shots has never been easier thanks to the new TimeWarp 2.0 features in the GoPro Hero 8.
Cover for the article Canon R5 timelapse modes explained featuring the front of the camera

Canon R5 timelapse modes overview

This article talks about the timelapse modes that are built into the new Canon EOS R5 full frame mirrorless camera.

12K timelapse on a phone

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has a built in 108 megapixel photo mode. 108 megapixels is 12000x9000 pixels aka twelve thousand pixels wide aka 12K footage! 12K is all the rage these days (especially after Black Magic announced a 12K...

Shooting comet Neowise in London

Comet Neowise is a once in a lifetime comet, literally. The next time we'll be able to see it is in about 6800 years apparently. I plan to be long gone by then. Last week I went comet...

Kessler Crane announces new CineShooter motion control head

The CineShooter is Kessler Crane's latest motion control hardware system for timelapse and film. It builds on previous CineDrive and Second Shooter systems.

What is in my timelapse bag – Fstop Dyota 20

I have been using the new F-stop Dyota 20 camera bag since September 2019. It's a great bag, very comfortable to carry, fits a lot of gear and it doesn't look like a camera bag (which is great to prevent bag snatchers). Watch the...

How to stop lens fog for astro photography

If you've ever gone out to shoot some astro timelapses or photos chances are you've had a frustrating experience with your lens fogging up. This is caused by water molecules in the air. As the air cools down at night, these water molecules have...

Feature: The Future Is Bright by Thomas Walczak

Fellow timelapse and hyperlapse photographer Thomas Walczak has released a stunning flow motion film on his YouTube channel. Flow motion is a shooting and editing technique made famous by UK based photographer Rob Whitworth back in 2015. Through extensive pre-production and advanced shooting techniques,...

A four day roadtrip in Scotland

In May 2019 my girlfriend Amelia and I drove around Scotland for four days. I usually make pretty standard travel vlogs, however I didn't feel like doing that on this trip. Instead I opted for an (at the time) new style...
Title page for article Lightroom classic video import error

How to fix Lightroom import error “There is a problem with the video file”

My main use for Adobe Lightroom Classic is to colour grade and edit timelapse sequences. I also use Lightroom to organise all sorts of files after getting back from a shoot. Sometimes I shoot on my phone, other times I shoot on a mirrorless...

LUX ATACAMA Total solar eclipse timelapse film by Martin Heck

LUX ATACAMA is a timelapse short film by Martin Heck that shows you what the total solar eclipse looked like from the Atacama region in Chile.

A ten year timelapse of our sun by NASA

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory - aka SDO - has been looping around earth and watching the sun non-stop for over a full decade. Over the last ten years SDO has gathered 425 million high res images of the sun, resulting in 20 million gigabytes...

Timelapse Mission: Waterloo Bridge sunset

In this timelapse mission I shoot a couple of day to night timelapse shots from Waterloo Bridge in London.


GoPro Labs is an experimental mode from the GoPro developers. You have to install custom firmware on a GoPro Hero 8 and point it at a QR code to activate these new modes. Keep reading to find all the links you need.