Canon EOS R6 timelapse review

Is the Canon EOS R6 a good timelapse camera? Let's find out!

Super zoom timelapse experiment

I bought a second hand superzoom bridge camera and decided to make some trippy timelapse shots with it. Like what I do? Want to support the channel? Want to learn how to timelapse or how to monetise your hobby? Check out my e-books!

When things go wrong

Can't have em all!

I bought a SUPERZOOM timelapse camera – FZ82

The Lumix FZ82 is a superzoom camera with a 20-1200mm full frame equivalent lens and a decent built in timelapse mode.

Sony A7SIII timelapse review

In this video I talk about the built in timelapse shooting modes and I show you how to shoot a timelapse with the Sony A7SIII.

GoPro Hero 9 vs Hero 8 sunset shoot

I compare the performance of the GoPro Hero 9 vs the GoPro Hero 8 when it comes to a sunset shoot.

GoPro Hero 9 timelapse review

GoPro just launched their latest flagship action camera, the Hero 9 Black. I was hired to produce some hyperlapse clips for their launch video and got early access to the new Hero 9. Here's the review I made of it. Obviously this review is quite biased considering my relationship with GoPro...

One week, one lake, one camera

I just published my latest timelapse film: One week, one lake, one camera. Shot and finalised in 6K resolution, this compilation of cloud timelapses takes you across the Lago Maggiore in the North of Italy. If you have a high resolution display you can watch it inĀ 6K resolutionĀ on YouTube! I honestly...

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Two and a half hours editing timelapse photos in Lightroom and After Effects

I've never shared my entire timelapse editing process like this before. In this two and a half hour long video I take you through the entire workflow of editing timelapse photos in Lightroom and After Effects. Want to learn more about timelapse photography? Check out my e-books!

Should you worry about your shutter count with timelapse photography?

Should you worry about your camera's shutter mechanism when shooting timelapse photos? No, here's why.

Different types of timelapse shots

There's may be many more kinds of timelapse styles than you think!

Non chemtrail airplane trails for timelapse

Chemtrails aren't real, don't @ me. In this timelapse tutorial video I teach you how to create airplane trails using the Echo effect in Adobe After Effects. Click play or keep reading! Import your footage (either as an image sequence or as an already rendered video) into After Effects and create...

Timelapse camera filters

Timelapse camera filters, aka filters used for timelapse photography are just like any other camera filter. I mainly use ND and CPL filters.