Best free timelapse software 2021

I get asked the question all the time: What is the best free timelapse software? Instead of typing out a reply for every one...
Minimal youtube studio tour

Minimal Youtube film gear studio tour

This is the minimal youtube film gear I've been using over the past few weeks. Usually I have a ton of stuff rigged up including...

Timelapse Film Of The Week: A Timelapse Journey, Ireland by Richard...

This week's featured timelapse film is a beautiful compilation of the Mourne Mountains in Ireland by Richard Watson.
It's not about the gear

It’s not about the gear

The camera doesn’t matter. You know what does matter? A good idea and the right person behind the camera. You know what also matters? Good music to put on your videos.


GoPro Labs is an experimental mode from the GoPro developers. You have to install custom firmware on a GoPro Hero 8 and point it...
Best timelapse plugins

Must have timelapse plugins for 2020

This is a free plugin for Lightroom that allows you to ramp (slowly change) certain settings over a series of photos. It’s donationware, so if it’s useful for you please consider donating to the developer.

Making another solargraph with the SolarCan

The title speaks for itself, another fun video about long exposure pinhole photography! I use the SolarCan (affiliate link) to create an extremely long exposure...
An interview with Martin Heck from Timestorm Films

An interview with Martin Heck from Timestorm Films

Martin Heck is a timelapse photographer and filmmaker based in southern Germany. He runs timelapse production company Timestorm Films. I've known Martin for years...

Is Micro Four Thirds better for timelapse?

The MFT or M43 aka Micro Four Thirds camera system was developed by Panasonic and Olympus in 2008. It evolved from the Four Thirds standard...

Camera sensor cleaning gone wrong!

I spot on my camera sensor so you don't have to.