The complete guide to shooting and editing a Holy Grail timelapse

This holy grail timelapse tutorial takes you through how to shoot and edit your timelapse from beginning to end using LRTimelapse and Adobe Lightroom.

LRTimelapse editing demonstration

I totally screwed up a moon rise timelapse shot because I used a dodgy lens extender. I didn't want to let that sequence go...

How to fake long exposures with a timelapse

Here's a quick tutorial I made about how to fake long exposures with a timelapse. Using the free app StarStax you can generate a fake...

Axiiio camera robotics system

The Axiiio camera robotics system is a modular motion control rig for timelapse and video shooters. In this video, I go over the features, what...

Different types of timelapse shots

There's may be many more kinds of timelapse styles than you think!

Timelapse Film Of The Week: ElemotionPhoto Timelapse showreel

The reason I started the Timelapse Film Of The Week series is to showcase beautiful timelapse content from across the world. This is made even...

Timelapse of the Winter Solstice in London

The winter solstice happens on the 21st of December and it signifies the day where one of the earth's poles is at its max...

Canon EOS M50 as a timelapse camera

In this blog post and video I talk about using the new Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera as a timelapse camera. Will it get a spot in my timelapse bag? Let's find out.
Content creator to online business owner

From content creator to online business owner

Yesterday I read about an experiment someone had done to their instagram audience and turns out only 5% of their followers see their posts.It’s simple: You want all the eggs in your own basket!One of the most efficient ways to display your work/creations/writing/activities to your audience is straight into their email inbox.

How to start a newsletter

You don’t want to be dependent on a social media algorithm for your business, you want to have direct access to your audience’s inbox.