Matjoez x Lickd timelapse editing competition

This is my very first timelapse editing competition. You can download 35 of my best London timelapse and hyperlapse clips!

Kauai from the air

Our trip I'm going to start this blog post with a big call: This doors off helicopter flight over Kauai is the most spectacular experience...

YouTube channel memberships are here!

YouTube channel memberships give you access to exclusive content like presentations, behind the scenes videos, membership badges, early access to videos and more.

Drawing on a macbook with Stefan Kunz

Letter artist Stefan Kunz draws a creative quote on a macbook laptop while being shot on a motion control timelapse rig by Matthew Vandeputte.
LRTimelapse timelapse software explained

Must have timelapse software LRTimelapse explained

I don't know a single serious timelapse photographer who doesn't own a copy of the timelapse software LRTimelapse. It is an absolute MUST HAVE if...
Boosted Rev review

I love the Boosted Rev

UPDATE 15/04/2020: My Boosted Rev's battery has died and the company has gone under. If you are thinking of buying this product: don't. Read...

Tourism Queensland – A timelapse shoot from sunset to sunrise

Tourism and Events Queensland called me up a while back asking if it's possible to shoot a sunset to sunrise timelapse project and then have the edited video go live on the same day. I said yes. Here's how we did it.

Different types of timelapse shots

There's may be many more kinds of timelapse styles than you think!

Behind The Scenes of my Youtube tutorials

Here's an old video on how I record my youtube tutorials. Shot on iPhone 6+ and uploaded straight to Youtube. If you'd like to...

The Great Ocean Road Trip by @matjoez I hope you enjoy this compilation of our recent Great Ocean Road trip where we drove from Sydney to Melbourne and back. The Great Ocean...