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In the Timelapse Software category we explore all different kinds of software for timelapse editing. From free to cheap to paid, it’s all covered!

Best timelapse plugins

Must have timelapse plugins for 2020

This is a free plugin for Lightroom that allows you to ramp (slowly change) certain settings over a series of photos. It’s donationware, so if it’s useful for you please consider donating to the developer.

How to make a timeslice photo with LRTimelapse

A timeslice is a great way to represent a timelapse video into a single photo. Check out the (very short) timeslice tutorial below or keep reading if you prefer the written version.

An overview of After Effects for timelapse photographers

Adobe After Effects is incredibly powerful software. It is used by thousands of post production professionals around the world in a range of creative disciplines.

In this article I give you an extensive overview of After Effects for timelapse photographers.

Best free timelapse software 2021

I get asked the question all the time: What is the best free timelapse software? Instead of typing out a reply for every one...
How to make a timelapse with iMovie

How to make a timelapse with iMovie

Imovie is a free app that comes with any new Apple computer. With a bit of a workaround you can use it to create real timelapse videos. It has limitations though, which I'll show you how to solve!

Must-have Timelapse Software 2023

If you want to make cinema-quality timelapse videos then you need to know which software to use! In this blog post, I'm talking about the...

How to make a timelapse with Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro isn't really made to create timelapse sequences, but it is possible! In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to make a timelapse with...

How to fake long exposures with a timelapse

Here's a quick tutorial I made about how to fake long exposures with a timelapse. Using the free app StarStax you can generate a fake...

GBDeflicker is no more

Popular timelapse plugin manufacturer Granite Bay Software, mostly known for its deflickering plugin GBDeflicker, has discontinued all of its products. I first purchased GBDeflicker as...

New LRTimelapse updates

Good news, actually, two bits of good news! Firstly, LRTimelapse 6.1 is out. It's been out for a while, but I never got around to...